My Favorite Vacation, Ever.

I love a good vacation, and I’ve had many great vacations, but this is my favorite.

Where: Fiji

Why: It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I got engaged there.

Here are the details:

I landed in Fiji last July with the Campaign Monitor crew. Each year the company throws a work retreat to bring the global team together. My first year at the company, the destination was Fiji.

Everyone was buzzing, hyped up and overjoyed to be in the beautiful Fiji when we landed. We immediately boarded a bus from the airport to take us to the fabulous Intercontinental. The Intercontinental was nestled on a beautiful private white sand beach (seen below),with infinity pools, pool bars serving tropical goodness and everything else dreamy you’d want in a resort.


For three days, we spent time bonding as a group at the Intercontinental. We danced the nights away, drank plenty of kava, and did many team building activities (basket weaving featured below) to come closer as a team and to get ourselves pumped up for the upcoming year.


The highlight of the company’s time in Fiji was definitely our trip to the local Batiri School. We helped put together desks, paint murals, fix up other broken classroom gear, and in return, they taught us to dance! Check out the video here: Batiri School Fiji

Three days in paradise with an awesome team was a great start to my get-away. Luckily, I had planned in advance to extend by seven days and have my boyfriend at the time, Hayden, meet me. We booked a room at the Westin on Denarau Island. Without knowing or coordinating, it ended up that some others from work had planned to extend as well and were staying at the same hotel! Lucky! We spent a day or so at the resort just exploring and getting our feet wet before we went on our first real Fijian adventure. Cloud 9.

What is Cloud 9 you ask?

An incredible floating bar in the middle of the ocean, right above a sand bar. The water around the bar is crystal clear and you can see everything from the bright colored fish to the snorkelers trying to catch a closer glimpse. It’s amazing.


While at Cloud 9, people spend their time mowing down on wood fire pizza, drinking local cocktails and jumping off the second story into the water below. The entire crew (around 15 of us) took over the roof deck and had a spectacular time!


When we left Cloud 9 that day, I thought that experience was going to be hard to top. What could be better than a floating pizzeria in the middle of the ocean over crystal clear water? Well what happened next, was better (in my humble opinion), and happened this same day.

Hayden and I got back to the hotel that afternoon and he was adamant about the dinner reservations he had made. I though this was weird since we were on Fiji time, and really didn’t have a care in the world, BUT he insisted that we make it to dinner right around 6, which come to find out is right at sunset.

When we walked up to the restaurant, I noticed one lone table on the beach, close to the water, decorated with white and gold and with champagne waiting. Hayden pointed me in the direction of the table and we sat down. It wasn’t long before he got done on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Ummmm Fiji, champagne, private table, white sand beach…of course I said yes! JK I would have said yes no matter where he proposed, but this definitely blew my mind.

After this we were buzzing! We enjoyed an incredible dinner at The Flying Fish Fiji, drank the rest of our champagne and were off to tell our family and friends! Even though this was the highlight of our trip, there were sooo many cool things we did after to celebrate our engagement!

Here’s a summary of the rest of our trip:

Private day tour to the island of Savala. A beautiful, uninhabited island with all you can drink booze, paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkeling galore!

Golfing in Denarau at a beautiful course that boasted water views and lush vegetation. The only con here was the multitude of bug bites I left with.


On a somewhat goofier note, Hayden and I also let the child inside out for an afternoon at the Bula, Bula waterpark. It was surprisingly fun and entertaining!


The rest of the trip was full of tropical drinks, occasional kava, delicious seafood, and a multitude of other water adventures! We even made friends with a couple who was vacationing at the same time and spent hours swapping stories, hanging on the beach and drinking more Fiji Golds than I care to admit.

I think this will always hold the title of my favorite vacation, ever. I can’t wait to go back someday and see more of the island.

Planning on traveling to Fiji and need tips? Feel free to reach out!


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