Why Every Idea Needs a Champion

We’ve all seen it happen: . A fantastic idea emerges from a meeting, the team’s excited about it and everyone wants to move forward right away. But in truth, nothing happens. The brilliant idea evaporates into thin air the second everyone leaves the meeting.

Here’s the thing: An idea is only an idea until someone takes action to make that idea tangible.

For many of us, we get caught up in the moment of a great idea and really believe we’ll follow through on it. In reality, we end up getting pulled away by our ongoing demands. We lose motivation to do our part in pushing this fantastic idea forward.

So how do you manifest a great idea and keep it from getting lost in a pile of past great ideas?

Create a champion for your idea or project. Whether that person is going to be you or another member of the team, it needs to be clear that it’s the champion’s responsibility to manage and deliver. This person won’t be the only one working on the project, but they will be the person the rest of the team looks to for guidance. The champion is the project manager of the idea: creating a flow for the project, identifying who will be involved and assigning the tasks necessary.

Not only does this person need to outline the project, they need to be a motivational factor in getting the idea or project accomplished. Sure, you can outline all the steps necessary but unless you are motivating the people around you and keeping them passionate about the project, you’ll quickly lose their interest and have a much harder time gaining forward momentum.

Choose your champion with care. It might be easiest to simply choose the team member with the most availability or the most expertise in the area; but if they lack passion for the project, and don’t have the spark to ignite others’ passion, the idea is as good as dead.

Don’t let brilliant ideas go to waste. When you have an idea or project that you want to bring to life, give it a champion. Find a champion who is passionate about forward movement and can motivate the people around them to accomplish the dire task of turning an idea into your business’ next great thing.

Without a champion, an idea is just an idea.

Originally posted on LinkedIn. 

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